Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain Praises eBay for Creating Jobs

I had to laugh out loud when McCain praised eBay for creating so many jobs, during the debate today. I think that was a huge oversight with eBay being all over the news by announcing that they will cut jobs by 10 percent even though third quarter profits still exceeded expectations.

Also McCain mentioned former eBay exec Meg Whitman as possible Treasury Secretary pick.

Quoting a New York Times article written August 3, 2008 by Mark Leibovich,

“I do understand the importance of the computer,” Mr. McCain reassured in The San Francisco Chronicle last week. “I understand the importance of the blogs.” He said, “I am forcing myself — let me put it this way, I am using the computer more and more every day.” But keeping up with technology “doesn’t mean that I have to e-mail people,” he said. “Now, I read e-mails.” The staff is “constantly showing them to me as the news breaks during the day.”

Hmm, I don't want the President of the United States to be less informed on companies he continues to praise than I am because of not being able to check CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo, and Google.

Out of Touch.