Sunday, December 6, 2009

On What I Love Right Now

The library. Oh how I love the Salt Lake Library system. Any book I want to get my hands on I can get without paying--except all those fines for not wanting to return them--oops!!

My new i-wireless phone so I can TEXT, TEXT, TEXT, and TEXT. Who knew I would enjoy texting so much.

Thank you Sephora for sending me the $15 off beauty insiders gift certificate. I have been visiting your site daily and trying to resist. Resist no more!

String Cheese! I can't get enough of the Archer Farms brand at Target.

My big fluffy down blanket that keeps me so warm at night.

Nutella in any form. On crepes, as Gelatto, however it comes.

Yum! My favorite fast-food! And the employees are always SOOO nice. I don't care that they have to be. I still like it.

The BEST ice cream you can get from the grocery store. If I could only eat one brand for the rest of my life this would be it hands down!