Sunday, April 19, 2009

Halibut with Golden Turnips and Sweet-and-Sour Cucumber Salad

I've never had Golden Turnips before. They were interesting, tasted kind of like an earthy potato with sweetness and bitterness all mixed in. I thought they were quite enjoyable. The recipe was slightly adapted from the Liberty Heights Fresh Recipe. The only thing I changed was dicing up the turnips (for a quicker boil time and presentation) and omitting the mint. I just don't like mint in my food much unless it is dessert or a drink. If you don't have parsley substitute carrot-tops from last weeks delivery. You probably won't be able to taste the difference at all.

Also in an effort to use up some more of the fresh dill I made Sweet-and-Sour Cucumbers With Fresh Dill from I have a thing for freshly quick pickled things lately (just ask my family). Luckily Braeden also loves all things pickled.

The Halibut was just rubbed with Gray Sea Salt with Herbs de Provence and popped into the toaster over. Yes you heard me right, the toaster oven. Now that Corey and Aubrie showed me how to use it I use it for EVERYTHING! Thanks guys, the fan feature is great!! It is also served with a couple of Crumb Brother's Bakery crostinis.



aubrie said...

You guys have been eating such great stuff since you started this co-op thing. I'm glad that you know how to work the toaster oven, now you know why Corey is obsessed with ours, too!

jodi said...

Yummy! You need to teach me how to cook fish. I think that you got your all things pickled from you dad. He loves it too